What does SpotzCity mean?

SpotzCity means the "Spotz" where you can find small diverse businesses in a "City".

What is the mission of SpotzCity?

Building communities one entrepreneur at a time. Our aim is to help entrepreneurs by providing a platform to showcase their businesses and grow within the communities in which they are located and beyond.

How can I become a member of SpotzCity?

Simply click Join Here or Log in/Sign up in the orange box on the SpotzCity Home Page, if you are an entrepreneur looking to subscribe, for an affordable fee. If you are looking to patronize a small business on the SpotzCity platform, simply begin searching for businesses by selecting a category towards the middle of the page or the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner.

How do I reset my password?

If a subscribing business forgets their password, at the login page there is a "Forgot Your Password" link to reset. Once a subscriber clicks the link the SpotzCity site will begin the reset process.

How do I edit my company description?

If you are looking to change or update the description for your company, from your home page select Your Business from the menu on the right side of the page, click the orange Edit button, edit your description, click the blue Save Company Information button at the bottom of the page.

How do I begin searching for businesses?

There are two ways that you can search for businesses on SpotzCity, in the middle of the page where the diversities are listed, you can select the "Click Here" on the tile that corresponds to the diversity that you would like to search. The other way to search is by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner.

If I am a buyer, do I need to subscribe on the SpotzCity website?

No, buyers do not need to subscribe. The subscription is for business entrepreneurs "only" at this time. Buyers may search the databases to find small businesses to patronize without a subscription. The other function that buyers and non-subscribers have access to is the For Sale Page.

What is included on the For-Sale Page?

The For-Sale page is a list of businesses that are currently for-sale that potential entrepreneurs or buyers can search to determine if they are interested in buying.

How does the search for businesses work?

When a small business registers and enters their business location, the SpotzCity website uses geolocation to allow buyers to find businesses at a particular location. Geolocation is the geographic coordinates of any object or source based on location. SpotzCity does not select businesses for a buyer, it is all based on what the buyer enters as their search criteria. So, if a buyer is searching based on a diversity and location, SpotzCity will pull each supplier that fulfills that search and allows the buyer to decide which business to buy from.

How do I attend virtual small business webinars?

You will have to be a subscriber to the SpotzCity platform to attend the virtual training classes and webinars. The Training Tab will include the schedule of the educational forums and webinars that SpotzCity will be offering, and as a subscriber you would have to register for the webinar by clicking the link and entering your information in order to get the invite to attend.

Is there a cost to become a subscriber on the SpotzCity website?

Yes, there is low cost affordable fee to become a member of the SpotzCity Entrepreneur Listing. In addition, there are many benefits to becoming a subscriber, including being accessible to customers and buyers. Please see the Pricing Page for more details.

Can I become an advertiser on the SpotzCity website?

Yes, the SpotzCity website has the ability to host banner and side panel advertisements. Primarily any business both large and small can advertise, if it fits within the mission of SpotzCity, which is "Entrepreneurship". SpotzCity reserves the right to approve or reject any business from advertising on our platform. Please contact customer_service@spotzcity.com for more details.

What is the Resources page used for?

The resources page allows subscribers to find value-added services that may be needed to run your business more efficiently. Examples include if you are looking for a manufacturer to have a part made for a prototype, or if you are looking for the link to a state agency to get your business registered within that state. SpotzCity wants to support our entrepreneurs in as many ways as we can and our goal is to grow this platform to provide the necessary support to subscribers. If there is a resource category that may be helpful to be included on the site, please contact us at customer_service@spotzcity.com to do the research and add the category.