Where did the name of SpotzCity come from?

SpotzCity was the concept of the owner, proprietor and CEO. The owner was looking for a catchy name to encompass what the mission of the company would be.

What does SpotzCity mean?

SpotzCity means the "Spot" where you can find a "City" of small diverse businesses.

What is the mission of SpotzCity?

Building communities one entrepreneur at a time. Our aim is to help entrepreneurs by providing a platform to showcase their businesses and grow within the communities in which they are located.

How can I become a member of SpotzCity?

Simply register on the site as a member, whether you are a company or an individual looking for a specific company. If you are a business you can also claim your page to represent your company on the SpotzCity website.

How do I claim my page?

Look up your business on the SpotzCity website, and click on the “Claim Your Page” link. If the page is not yet on SpotzCity, you may add it.

What does it mean to claim my page?

This means that your company will have a web presence on the SpotzCity website. You will also be able to control certain aspects of your page. You will be able to upload photos, your logo, and banners associated with your business. As a business owner, you will also be able to obtain metrics associated with your business, such as how many people have visited your page, reviews and other details.

How does SpotzCity make money?

SpotzCity offers advertising, and both small and large businesses are able to advertise on the site.

What does it cost to advertise on SpotzCity?

Small Business
If a small business, to run a banner advertisement on the main or home page the rate is $100 per month. To advertise on the main or home page on the sidebar for a small business the rate is $80 per month. For subsequent pages the rate is $70 for a banner and $50 for the sidebar for small businesses.
Large or Big Box Businesses
Large and big box stores are also able to advertise on the SpotzCity website. Larger companies will be able to have a banner advertisement on the main or home page for $250 per month and for subsequent pages $200 per month. For the sidebar on the main or home page the rate is $225 and on subsequent pages $175 per month.

How do I contact SpotzCity to advertise?

If you are a small business you are actually able to purchase an advertisement directly on the website and send your banner or logo advertisement that is to be uploaded for approval.

How long will it take for my advertisement to be uploaded?

Once approved and SpotzCity has confirmed payment your ad or logo will be uploaded immediately and will run for the time period purchased or the next available run within 30 days.
Please contact SpotzCity for special advertisements for your company to customize packages.