About SpotzCity

SpotzCity is a small business registry, and it's also a place designed specifically for entrepreneurs and those looking to patronize small businesses. SpotzCity is committed to helping small business entrepreneurs be more competitive and to expand and become more successful.

SpotzCity is a platform that will allow users to find, buy from, and review review small businesses in any community. It is also a resource for start-ups and existing entrepreneurs who need information about starting and growing a business. SpotzCity is about building communities one small business and one entrepreneur at a time. From retail to commodities and services, SpotzCity highlights the best in communities. The goals are building financial freedom, growing the local economy, creating a community identity, and producing employment and jobs.

SpotzCity is a free subscription website that allows users to create an online profile and discover a wealth of information and features. It’s a business dedicated to ensuring that other businesses have the opportunity to showcase their offerings and messaging. This site will provide the opportunity for entrepreneurs to set themselves apart and focus on their strengths. From having access to a captive audience to concentrating on target markets, SpotzCity offers all of this and more.

SpotzCity realizes that starting a business is one of the most challenging and courageous things one can do. We celebrate the path of entrepreneurship and all of the successes that it can bring.

SpotzCity expresses the spirit of entrepreneurship by creating categories for small business owners to define and observe their enterprise. Categories like Dadpreneurs, Disabledpreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Kidpreneurs(under 18), Millennialpreneurs, Mompreneurs, Seniorpreneurs (over 65), Vetpreneurs, Arabpreneurs, Asianpreneurs, Blackpreneuers, Caucasianpreneurs, Jewishpreneurs, Latinopreneurs, LGBTQpreneurs, Nativepreneurs, Womanpreneurs, and Otherpreneurs, are all representative of an American society that is multicultural and inclusive. The SpotzCity website will allow these classifications to be searchable options so that customers can find small businesses which fit the types of businesses they would like to support. As part of our growth we will add new ethnicities and categories when we observe that there is an influx of participation in those areas.

SpotzCity is about community, and our goal is to build communities one entrepreneur at a time. Entrepreneurship is about freedom and this is at the helm of SpotzCity’s mission - to give entrepreneurs a platform to find new customers and build their businesses.

SpotzCity is a place where entrepreneurs can register and claim their businesses and use the marketplace as a web presence to connect with current and future customers. SpotzCity allows entrepreneurs to upload banners and photos of their businesses and products to market and spotlight their companies. Providing inspiration, education, ideas, resources, and access to potential customers is a significant aspect of what we also do.

SpotzCity supplies information from the start to the sale of a business and everything in between. SpotzCity provides data for entrepreneurs to find something as complex as a manufacturing company to fabricate a product for their business to something as simple as viewing a list of businesses for sale. SpotzCity wants to be all things for the small business entrepreneur.

SpotzCity other capabilities include communicating with customers, posting details and deals about your business, and obtaining reports on customers visiting your page and patronizing your company.

SpotzCity is also available via mobile access. Simply put, SpotzCity is the “Spot” for every entrepreneur.